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The words placed on these shirts have ministered to me. Thank-you to Gina for helping me ponder on & pray about the way that Jealousy hinders progress. Because those words came to my mind I’ve been able to pray asking God to cause His people everywhere to realize that jealousy does hinder progress. May the eyes of our sisters and brothers be opened so they can see how jealousy destroys relationships and hinders progress of all kinds. If someone does not know the Lord these words may help them, too. Coveting & jealousy is not a fruit of the Holy Spirit of God.

My friend, Gina, spurred me on during conversation in such a way that I wondered if it would help people to see these words printed on shirts.  Thanks, Gina!  You are a great encourager.  Thanks for being one who seeks the Lord and prays, too.  ~ Note by Elizabeth Evans Wolfe

These shirts can be ordered in a variety of colors.  The present colors requested most often are Irish Green or Helaconia/Pink colored shirts.   I have seen some of the shirts made with dark brown and black backgrounds.  Those are very nice.  NOTE:  The colors seen on the words are not the exact colors for the shirts.  The pictures showing the shirts with logos on them  closely resemble what the color of the shirts will look like.

IF anyone wants a shirt made with a logo placed on the front and a logo placed on the back of the shirts you can bless others in your coming and your going.  It does cost  more per shirt to add a logo on the front and the back.  We have made these shirts with a logo on the front and back.  You may preorder the shirts for a cost of $17.  Shipping and handling fees will be added to your order.

We believe the eyes/jealousy hinders progress Shirts will look best with the logo placed on the back of the shirt. 

Teh promotional short sleeved T-Shirts are $14 when they are  preordered.  We also offer the lower price on any shirts that are in stock.  These prices do not include Shipping and Handling fees. 

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One person has wondered if we could come up with a different picture for this shirt.  She did not favor the eyes.  It’s possible some people are not familiar with the phrase about a person being green with envy.  Some people have also forgotten jealousy was once called the Green Eyed Monster.

Jealousy Irish Green Tee



God Can Do Anything

I have a cousin who talked about putting things in what she called the “GOD CAN.” She wanted to emphasize the fact that we face things we cannot do but God can. She would encourage people to place their prayer requests in a can to help them relinquish their prayers to the Lord.


Have faith and follow God’s Word. He said to cast your cares on Him because He cares for you. He also says that we should let our requests be made known to Him.  With prayer and supplication let your requests be made known unto God.


If you pray anything according to His will He will hear and He will answer those prayers.  ~ Thoughts from the Bible ~  posted here by Elizabeth Evans Wolfe for FilledWithTruth.Com

God Can

No One Is Bigger Or More Powerful Than God

No One Is Bigger Or More Powerful Than God. Call on Him. Let your requests be made known to Him. He loves you. He cares for you. He will not disappoint you. Man may disappoint you but God will not.

These words are shared by Elizabeth Evans Wolfe

Call on God God is bigger