Jealousy Hinders Progress – New T-Shirt LOGO By FilledWithTruth.Com /

The words placed on these shirts have ministered to me. Thank-you to Gina for helping me ponder on & pray about the way that Jealousy hinders progress. Because those words came to my mind I’ve been able to pray asking God to cause His people everywhere to realize that jealousy… Continue reading

God Can Do Anything

I have a cousin who talked about putting things in what she called the “GOD CAN.” She wanted to emphasize the fact that we face things we cannot do but God can. She would encourage people to place their prayer requests in a can to help them relinquish their prayers… Continue reading

No One Is Bigger Or More Powerful Than God

No One Is Bigger Or More Powerful Than God. Call on Him. Let your requests be made known to Him. He loves you. He cares for you. He will not disappoint you. Man may disappoint you but God will not. These words are shared by Elizabeth Evans Wolfe