God Hears The Whispers That Flow Through Your Mind. ~ EEW ~

Every word you speak

and every thought you think

is made known to the Lord.

God hears the whispers that flow through your mind.

~ Elizabeth Evans Wolfe ~


God Knows Your Thoughts

God Hears Every Thought

Judgment Begins Among Believers

The enemy will mock you.  He will try to manipulate, threaten, steal, kill, or destroy you but he is not able to take away your faith in God.  TODAY I SAY, “MOUNTAINS BE REMOVED IN THE NAME OF JESUS.”  A few days ago a woman told me I was to speak to the mountains and to tell them to be removed.  I don’t have the power to move mountains but I have faith in the Lord above who created the mountains.  Did you know that God even created the destroyer to work havoc?  God has control of all things.  In faith believing what I cannot see I will speak to the mountains as I trust in God to remove every bad obstacle that stands in my way.   A  joyful ‘toon cartoon I saw today reminded me to take this stand.     A minister of God also sent me these words this morning. —>”For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? (1 Peter 4:17 KJV)”  I have had those same thoughts going through my mind since the end of last month & when we were praying for God’s people to repent during the first week of July.   It must be a confirmation that God is doing what he said he was going to do.  He is faithful in all things. “God will not be mocked; whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.” ~  Bible.  That will always happen.  If you have stolen there will come a time when it will come back on you.  If you have not shown mercy that will happen to you, too.  Thank the good Lord that the good things people have done will come back on them, also.  God watches over His Word to perform it.  By faith you tell mountains to move but you must also remember that no mountain is going to move unless it is part of God’s will for it to go.  ~  Elizabeth Evans Wolfe ~

Where Is The Fear Of The Lord?

May God send forth His Holy Spirit to convict those who treat the single women, the widows, and the orphans with disdain.  I have seen and heard of how some people call themselves Christians but they still try to take advantage of the widow, the orphan, and people who have less than they have.  During the past decade I’ve come to believe that God may be actually sending forth a series of tests among those who say they love God.  If they say they love God but they don’t do what God says they should do then they are not bearing good fruit.  Jesus said we are to treat people the way we’d like to be treated.  If your daughter or sister was a single person would you want people to take advantage of her?  If your mother was a widow would you like it if people did all they could to try to con her?  If your children were fatherless how would you like for them to be treated?  If the thought I had is right and there are people (who say they are Christians) who are being tested I think many of them are failing the test.

Do You Fear God?

Many May Be Failing This Test

Heaven Will Be More Beautiful Than Any Beauty We See Here On Earth

I sent a message to a friend today.  This friend is one of  the many friends I know that has suffered the loss of a loved one. 

Pain hit my heart when I thought about the sorrow I know she must still have some times when she remembers that her dear loved one is no longer on this earth. 

I wrote to her telling her what went through my mind.  May those who feel that pain be comforted knowing that heaven will be more beautiful than any beauty we see here on this earth. 

There will be more peace in the Holy City than the peace that is known when you take a vacation in the mountains to get away from the humdrum things offered in your daily life.

Every now and then I feel the pain that some times comes when we think of the sweet ones who have gone to see Jesus before we have.  We are not unhappy for them, are we?  We just miss them so very much it hurts to be separated from them.  

I hope this does not bring tears to people unless their  hearts need to release those tears that God will surely keep in a bottle. 

I miss some dear ones I love, too.  When I would miss Jeff Wolfe I would be reminded that if it hurts this much to be separated from one I love then I would surely hurt even more if I were to be separated from our God who is love. 

I have written about those feelings before.  Maybe today’s sadness that came upon me when I thought of  a sweet one that has left us will be used by God to touch hearts in a special way again.  

God is able to turn our sorrows into joy. 

He can revive us. 

He is more than able to heal the pain that hit us yesterday.

He can also heal the hurt we feel today. 

The future holds blessings for those who believe. 

~  Elizabeth Evans Wolfe ~ 

Elizabeth M Wolfe took the photo in 2010 when we took a small trip to the mountains.

Elizabeth M Wolfe took the photo in 2010 when we took a small trip to the mountains.

Elizabeth M Wolfe took the photo in 2010 when we took a small trip to the mountains.

All Scripture Is Given By Inspiration Of God

 2 Timothy 3:16a (NKJV), “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, . . . “

“God breathed His Holy Word so men could hear him then they wrote what God told them to write.” <—That’s how I explain the words found in 2 Timothy 3:16a. ~ Elizabeth Evans Wolfe

This website was made to help find ways to spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Still today many people do not want to hear the truth.  Some people will run away from believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Other people will reject you if you talk or sing about the Lord. People who reject God’s Word have been deceived by the enemy.

Let us keep praying that they will come to see their need for the Lord Jesus Christ

Belief in the Lord Jesus Christ is the Only way to receive the free gift of salvation.


All Scripture is God given

2 Timothy 3:16a (NKJV), “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, . . . “