God Took Away My Desire to Smoke Cigarettes

I was writing messages with a friend. During our conversation I realized I have been delivered from the addiction of smoking cigarettes for 35 years. I have not desired to put a cigarette up to my lips for all this time. God delivered me from having the desire to smoke… Continue reading

God Will Embrace You

“When you are walking deep in the valley you receive peace knowing that you are not alone.   God covers you with the shadow of his hand. He will embrace you giving you strength to carry on.”   ~ Elizabeth Evans Wolfe

Lift Your Burdens To The Lord

Cast your cares on the Lord because he cares for you. Ask Him to create a clean heart within you. Say the sinner’s prayer. ++++++++++  Thank-you, Lord! Thank-you for giving me the strength to lift this weight up to you. Please take it all away because I don’t want it… Continue reading