Another Dream From The Past / 1980

God given dreams are wonderful.

It has been a long time since I first enjoyed beautiful dreams. I had one dream where I danced with the Lord. I didn’t even know at the time that God speaks to him people through dreams.

I met a woman named Marie Paton when I worked at GTE in Sarasota, FL.

Marie told me about how we are to pray like the people in the Bible prayed when they had dreams that seemed significant.

I told her about the dream I had when I danced with Jesus. She responded with an interpretation for me that clearly made sense to me in some ways and other things were brought to my mind later when the things in the dream came to pass.

The dancing with Jesus was symbolism of my closer walk with God when I began to draw closer to the Lord in 1980.

I told Marie how I saw more in the dream where I was helping save children after I danced with Jesus.

Marie believed that was symbolism that God would use me to minister to children.

That came to pass.

Several children believed in Jesus and they asked him to forgive them of their sins.

Children of all ages ended up being brought in my path so I could share the gospel story with them.

How amazing it is to have dreams like that then to see how God brings it all to pass.


Thank God for the interpretations he gives us to help guide us.


I believe he also uses dreams to prepare us for certain things. 


Some dreams may have warnings that help spare us from danger.


Other dreams can be a call for prayer.


Dreams can be a form of preparation to let us know that something is going to happen and there is nothing we can do to stop it from taking place. 


God is in control.


Pray asking God for the interpretation of dreams that stand out to you.  Ask him if there is anything in the dream that is meant to give you assistance or direction. 


God is faithful.


God’s children will know his voice.  He will speak to his children in a way they can understand him.  His sheep know his voice.

January 2017 Dream & Memories of a 7 Year Old Dream

I remembered another dream I had about 7 years ago after I had prayed for the interpretation of a new dream.  

I remembered there would be warnings, there would be divisions or a parting of ways, and there would possibly be deaths.   ←  That is part of the message from the seven year old dream.   

In the new dream several things caught my attention that caused me to believe it is time for me to pray about some personal cleansing.  Another portion of this new dream showed me a  man.  This man showed me a tool that could quickly divide things without a problem.

I wondered if that part of the dream had anything to do with  divisions or parting of ways again. 


Maybe the Lord is preparing me once again to understand that it is his time for more parting of ways. 


These things are not in my control. 

I have to learn to keep trusting in God no matter what happens. 

His will.  His way.  His timing.  Keep trusting in God.

I also went into prayer earlier in the evening. 

During my prayer time I was reminded of the words, “Joy comes in the morning.” 


Those words do make me think of those who walk with the Lord going to be with the Lord.  They may suffer for a night but when they leave this old world behind their joy comes in the morning.

How pleasant it is for those who have received the free gift of salvation that comes from believing in the Lord Jesus Christ when they leave this old earth.  Pleasant for them when they walk with the Lord whole  and healed for eternity.  Sorrowful for those who they leave behind. 
Torment and sorrow comes to those who continue to  refuse the free gift of salvation.