God Will Not Be Mocked

The Colorful Rocks By Elizabeth Evans Wolfe Monday, June 10, 2013   I have another true story to tell.   It still amazes me the way God has of using everyday situations turn into Bible lessons.   Two different Pastor’s wives that I met told me they enjoyed the way… Continue reading


See the two sided counter with drawers and doors on it. I can tell you that one side is different than the other side because one side only has drawers that mock the other side. The mockers only appear to be good. They look real but they will not function… Continue reading

God Can Do Anything

I have a cousin who talked about putting things in what she called the “GOD CAN.” She wanted to emphasize the fact that we face things we cannot do but God can. She would encourage people to place their prayer requests in a can to help them relinquish their prayers… Continue reading