I know someone that was born in a barn

He was born in a barn.

I know someone that was born in a barn.

I know someone that was born in a barn.  He was born in a Bethlehem barn. A group from heaven praised God on the day of his birth.

He was raised by a carpenter, He healed the sick, He gave life to the dead, and He died for our sins.

God didn’t let His body stay in the grave. Jesus is at the right hand of God interceding for us.

He is the Son of God, the King of the Jews, and He is the Bright Morning Star.

Immanuel means God with us.


Don’t Let satan Rob Your Joy

My daughter, Beth, reminded me that we should not leave our joy behind when it’s time to move. I just sold a home that I lived in for over a decade. It was a brand new home when I bought it and it was quite large. I had the beloved 3 car …garage. It was a special place. Someone said a negative thing to me when they found out I got a contract to sell that home. They said, “Oh! You are going to miss this home.” They didn’t mean any harm. They just didn’t know that my joy wasn’t going to stay with the home. As a matter of fact the home was a pleasant home but IT was not responsible for giving me joy. Nothing we have this side of heaven is going to leave with us when we die. We won’t be taking gold, silver, or treasures of any kind with us when our life on earth is over. Don’t let the enemy mislead you by making you think things of this earth will give you lasting pleasure. Everlasting life and joy comes from God. God’s rich blessings to you all. Ponder on these things. Pray about them. Keep a smile on your face and the love of Jesus flowing through your hearts, Elizabeth Evans Wolfe. 2013