The Spoiled Child

I work with the public all day long. It is difficult to ignore an unruly child and the parents that do not discipline.
A little girl, maybe 5 years old, a mother and the grandmother came into my store. The little girl wanted a sparkly mermaid doll. Mother said no and the little girl screamed, ran to her mother and kicked her in the shins. The mother put the items she was purchasing on the counter and put the doll on the counter as well.
I rang up the woman’s items, I handed the doll back to the little girl and said, “I’m sorry. I cannot sell this doll to you. It is not right that you kicked your mother. You do not deserve this beautiful doll.”
Everyone was stunned for a moment as I bagged up the purchase (including me!) Grandma gave me a thumbs up, Mom snatched up her bag, her daughter’s hand and promptly left the store.
It felt like the words jumped out of my mouth from deep inside me.
The girl and the mother’s behavior horrified me. I thought, how dare she unleash this behavior on society and nurture it to plague society at a later date.

I really don’t like being put in a position where I need to be bold. I prefer the Proverbs 16:24 approach. I prefer to whisper. I prefer to encourage. I prefer to smile and laugh. I prefer that people would like me, respect me and they would enjoy whatever encounter we have, be it personal or business.

Some people won’t see nor hear anything beyond their own selfish moment. They refuse to discipline themselves to discipline their children. Parenting isn’t easy, it’s not to be taken lightly and it definitely isn’t to be ignored. It’s an all important, monumental task to be a parent. When parents refuse to accept this responsibility in a place of business, it then becomes my responsibility to provide a safe, peaceful, pleasurable place to shop.

I will pray more for teachers. Their task is a heavy one.

I shared the Word, not by preaching words, but by being an example of how respect works, of how honoring your mother works for this little girl. The seeds may have fallen among thorns or into good ground. I do not know. God knows.

All we can do is our part. I do not like to be bold.

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