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See the two sided counter with drawers and doors on it.
I can tell you that one side is different than the other side because one side only has drawers that mock the other side.
The mockers only appear to be good.
They look real but they will not function properly.
They are impotent because they lack the power and the ability to be put to good use.
Read Galatians 6, & Matthew 7 & 10 to find out what God says about those who Mock Him.
I feel quite certain there is some sort of penalty for those who only pretend to belong to God.
I am 100% sure that God is not fooled by anyone that Mocks Him or His people.
There are wolves in sheep clothing on this earth today.
They will remain on this earth until the day of separation.
Look for ways to find out if a person is truly walking with God or not. Find out if they are faithful to the words they speak. Find out if they practice lying, cheating, or stealing. If someone says they love the Lord Jesus Christ but they do not do what the Lord asks them to do then you know they are fake. ~ EEW~ 2013
Mock Drawers