For Fellow Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ

First Penned Down In 1985 –

I felt led to send a copy of this previously written message to friends  during the past few days.
I know of four people that heard it for the first time yesterday.   
All four of those people let me know it ministered to them now.
This is being shared openly again in case someone else will be blessed by reading it.

God's Word always ministers to His people.  
Don't praise the person that shares the message.  
Give your praise to the Lord because He sends the message.  

This was a powerful message God gave me me in 1985.  I've been praying God would
help me find it.  It's a set of words that came to my mind after prayer and after
being awakened from a dream.   I had specifically prayed asking God for words of
help.   I named it a powerful message because of the way some of my Christian friends
responded to this message in the past and because of the impact these words
have had on my own life.   Anyone that reads the Word of God can see that the power
of the words in this writing is backed up by God's Word.   He is the One that
inspired man to write His Holy Word.    When we feed on God's Word thoughts like this
are able to permeate from within us.    It comes from renewing our minds with
God's Word.  

You will probably sense a stronger anointing of the Holy Spirit of God if you
read and reread this out loud giving the words heartfelt meaning. 


God is love, peace, joy, & Harmony 

God is so good, God is so good, God is so good - He's so good to me. 

Do all that you said you would do.   My people have come to Me and said, "Father,
What do you want me to do?"    I answered them and told them and they replied;
"Oh, yes, Father, I will do everything you say!"   And then My people forgot what
they said they would do.   People, My people, I tell you now, "DO ALL THAT YOU
SAID YOU WOULD DO."    If you spoke with your mouth and said I will do it, then
do what you said you would do. 

I am leading you and guiding you.   I shall keep you in perfect peace as your
mind is stayed upon Me.   Listen to My commands.   I command you to trust Me and
obey Me.   You need not fear, I will not mislead you.   Trust Me. 

You answered your own questions, when you come to Me and say; "How shall I do
what You told me to do?"   You have answered rightly, when you have said you will
be led by My Holy Spirit. 

Do all that I command you to do, and this is My commandment, that you love one
another that your joy may be full. 

Share My words with others, be ready at all times to share Me with others.
Others need to hear of Me, others need to see Me in your  face, others need to
hear you sing about Me. 

Don't give up hope.   Don't ever give up and be discouraged.   For faith is the
substance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not yet seen.   Oh, My
children, don't give up.   Believe in  Me and believe that I am with you.
Believe in what you cannot see until you see it. 

You don't have to tell everyone everything I tell you.   Keep some secrets in
your heart until I lead you to speak of them.   Just be ready to share what I
want you to share when I want you to share it.   Don't follow set rules and
patterns that bind you and keep you from being free in the Holy Spirit.
Remember at all times to be led by the Holy Spirit of God.   Those who are led by
the Spirit of God shall be called the children of God. 

Everything I promised you will come to pass.   Everything I said would happen
will happen.   Everything will occur at a perfect time.  There really is a perfect
time for every event under heaven.   You must realize that I still do things My
way; for My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts are higher than your

Come to Me with all your burdens and lay them down at My feet.  Come to Me with
your sorrows and sow tears at the foot of my cross.   Come to Me with your every
heart's desire and share your every thought with Me. 

Don't limit My power and don't think that you can limit Me for I AM who I AM and
I will perform My will, My way, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to
stop it! 


I received these words after being awakened from a dream in February of 1985.
The words encouraged others in 1985 and they asked for copies of it at the time.
It has been something that has continued to help me through the years.   There
are others who have be blessed to read these words years after they were first
penned down on paper.   It is my prayer that God will use these words to bless
you now.    Elizabeth Evans Wolfe