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You Are Not Accountable For What Your Family Members Do

Ten out of Eleven of Joseph’s brothers (Old Testament Joseph, one of Jacob’s first 12 sons) treated Joseph very wrong. They threw him in a pit because they were jealous of him and they thought about killing him. One of his brothers didn’t… want him to be killed so he encouraged them to sell him as a slave instead. Those brothers went back to their earthly dad and lived a lie for a long time. They told their Dad they had found their brother’s coat and it was covered in blood so they made their dad think Joseph had been killed by an animal. Brothers who knew better did this crime. Brothers who should have feared the Living God of Israel sinned against their brother, their earthly dad, and against God.Their sin was eventually found out but they kept up with their lie . Joseph was betrayed by his own brothers. When I hear sad stories about how some family members do bad things I remember the story of Joseph. God gave Joseph favor and God helped him. His family could never help him the way God did. He kept doing what he knew was right no matter what anyone else said and did because he loved the One & Only true God of Israel. ——— A dear friend contacted me today. She showed me much kindness. We talked about several things. One thing we talked about is how we know every family has skeletons in the closet. Some people find out about all of those skeletons and some people have their skeletons hidden for a long time. Rest assured the Lord knows everything. There is a day of judgment. If sinful people do not repent and change their ways they will spend eternity in hell. Thank God there is mercy and grace available to those who will repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. We can still give thanks even when sorrowful things are going on all around us.—-
Shared by Elizabeth Evans Wolfe
You Are Not Accountable For What Other People Do
Every family has skeletons in the closet and one day all things will be exposed