Go To Nineveh" by Elizabeth Evans Wolfe

“Jonah, Go To Nineveh” By Elizabeth Evans Wolfe With New Illustrations By Eve Pipkin

On this page you will find notes from Elizabeth Evans Wolfe with an update about the book called, “Jonah, Go to Nineveh.”

Eve Pipkin made new pictures for the book a few years ago.  The pictures she sent this way have been reformatted so the next printed version may be made.  The photos were made in assorted sizes.  I had to find the right digital page making material to get the photos and the print made all one size so we could reprint the books.  December of 2016 I was able to work on the digital drawings and placement of words again.  It took two years for me to gain the knowledge how to do this.

I have learned many things about digital printing during the past few years.  I had to learn to do these things because I kept finding a few people that acted as though the task was nearly impossible.  I just needed more prayer, time, energy, and the right materials so I could get the job done. 

I used to hear something about how it takes times to perfect things.  I think that is true.  One day I thought it would be nice if I could write notes for my grandchildren to tell them all the steps that have been taken to get this small children’s book made.  I will make notes here now in case I don’t get time to write out better details in the future:

(1) When it was first written I wrote it on paper. 

(2) I graduated to using a small word processor. 

(3) The stick man drawings were placed on pieces of paper with the typed words placed somewhere near the drawings. 

Info about the stick man drawings:  The stick man drawings were originally made just to give my friend, Genevieve, an idea of what type of photos I thought would go well with the words on each page of the book.  Genevieve made that request.  Genevieve did not get time to work on making the new drawings for the book. She did not see the stick man drawings until after we got the  books with the stick man drawings printed at Vision Printing in 1995.    Genevieve took one look at the stick man drawings and said something like, “The simplicity of those drawings is beautiful.”  — More info about the stick man drawings:  I definitely thought those stick man drawings did not appear to me to be professional drawings.  Jeff was a bit of a perfectionist.  Being married to him caused me to learn to strive to make things the best way I could make them.  During the time when I was making the stick man drawings (for Genevieve to use for ideas) a young boy  was visiting our home.  I was working hard on the project while the children were supposed to be playing.   This young boy didn’t want to play with the other children.  For some reason he wanted to be watching me while I pasted cut out pictures I had drawn on paper to the typed sheets of paper.  [This was back when copy and pasting was done by using old fashioned copiers that were found at a library or one of the local stores and pasting meant using scissors to cut the pictures out from one piece of paper and glue from a bottle to paste the pictures onto the paper.]  The young boy watched me then he began to ask questions.  He wanted to know what I was doing.  I told him how the drawings were being made so I could show Genevieve what type of photos she could draw for my children’s book.  I told him how I had seen her drawings before.  I felt she drew very well.  I wanted her to make professional illustrations for the book.  I worked very hard to get those pictures pasted on the papers so I could go make new prints of the pages to show Genevieve.  The young boy told me he liked the pictures just the way they were.  I think he said that to me more than one time.   I finally got the pages finished so I quickly went to the local store to pay for the pages to be printed with the stick man drawings on them.   I was not able to get in touch with Genevieve to show her the new pages with the drawings I had made.  I told Jeff what the young boy had said to me about the stick man drawings.  Jeff told me to get the books printed with the stick man drawings.  I was surprised that he said that.  I did find a local printing company that helped us print the books with the new drawings in them.  I was encouraged that the book was printed even though I later found out there were several typos that were not discovered in a timely manner.   NOW we needed to find the young boy who had encouraged me to print the books with the drawings.  We had moved.  His family had moved.  How were we going to find him?   We prayed and went on with our daily lives.  One day we were traveling.  I had copies of the book in the automobile.   Jeff had a habit of stopping at stores to get himself a soda pop several times during a trip.   He stopped at a local store to get a soda.  He took our three youngest children in the store with him.  The children ran out to the van to let me know they saw the young man in the store.  That young boy and his mother were in the same store at the same time my family had gone there.  My children knew I had prayed that I could meet the boy again to give him a copy of the book with those drawings in it.  I was elated.  God had answered our prayer about this.  I walked inside to give the young boy the book and to tell his mother how we prayed that we could find him.  The young boy and his older sister had asked Jesus Christ into their hearts when they visited our home.  I have not seen anyone from the family since that day in the store.  I am delighted that God orchestrated things the way he did.  I felt as though God used all of these things to help me learn to obey him in all things.  I think I liked those drawings because the boy liked the pictures I had drawn. Isn’t it amazing how God can use other people to encourage us?  I thought my drawings were too simplistic.   Genevieve said she felt they were beautiful.  I thought those stick men were not professional enough to be printed and copyrighted.  A young boy and my husband told me they were good enough to be put in print.   I had a hard time letting go of the stick men because it even felt as though God was telling me the stick men were good enough.  Thank Jesus.

(4) The books were printed and reprinted so we could share the words in that book with people.  Vision printing printed the books two different times.  The next time we wanted to get the books printed we couldn’t find the printing company so we had to find another route for getting them printed.

(5) Computers changed the way books can be made at home.  I didn’t know how to print them myself.  It took time to learn new things.  I did not have a lot of extra time.  I did not have anyone to teach me.  I was going to have to learn some things for myself and find some other people that knew how to help me.  Time passed and Jeff passed.  My life turned upside down.

(6) I learned how to go to a store to get the pages to pass through a scanner in order to have the pictures and words placed on a device that saves things for a computer.  The only problem was it didn’t save them in printed form.  The words were blurry when we tried to reprint.  That seemed to be a waste.  I had given Genevieve copies of the book.  She leads a very busy life, too.  She did not get time to make any drawings for the book.   She is one of those lovely women that spends a lot of time with her family.  The fact that she had told me how to get my stick men drawn had already been a help to me.  I believe the good Lord knew Genevieve wouldn’t have time for the drawings but he also knew her idea of having me make the simple drawings would help me stay on task.  Seeing those little books that needed improvement kept me working hard to try to make it all better.

(7) I kept getting the books printed in generic ways.  I still wanted someone like Genevieve to be able to give me some professional drawings for the book.  I wanted it to show improvement.  I wanted children to enjoy it more.  I wanted parents to be happy to give a professional looking booklet with a good message to their children.  I also wanted to make the book better to share it with my own grandchildren.  It would be nice if they could see the old book with the stick men drawings change.  Some changes are very good.  I thought surely there is a way to make it even better than it was before.   

(8)  Years have passed right by me.  I worked hard on the book called, “God’s Gracious Gift”  so we could get it printed again in 2010. I won’t write more about that at this time.  I’ll just write that it is one of the many things that kept me from focusing on getting the children’s book focused on for a season.  A number of generic copies of “Jonah, Go to Nineveh”  were made to share with people in 2010.  I wanted my grandchildren to have something from me that would help them recall some things about God.  Aren’t we supposed to leave them a legacy?  This is one of the most important things I want to leave my family.  If they can have reminders of the things of God they will be blessed.  I talked to professionals printing companies about making the children’s book better but they usually had a problem with giving clear and concise answers about cost.  I am not the type of person that likes open ended answers when it comes to cost.  Unfortunately I was beginning to learn more about the tricks used in the trade.  Working with printing and publishing companies is  not always a pleasant experience.  If you are not a well known author it will be much harder to get books published and printed.   I said it is harder.  I did not say it is impossible.

(9) I contacted Eve Pipkin through the internet.  I met Eve when she was still a teen aged girl.  We briefly lived near to one another in Bradenton, FL.  Eve let me know she had made drawings for another children’s book.  She let me know she wanted to give me a gift of making drawings for the children’s book I had written.  I am reminded that the Word of God tells us that a worker should be paid for the work done.  Eve was sent payment for the digital drawings she sent this way.  The internet has changed making it possible to send digital books and things through regular email.  The digital work had to be sent slowly some times because the attachments are so large.  It took years for Eve to complete the drawings because she was going to school and doing other things while she worked on the drawings.  I received the drawings but the digital photos did not come through matching up so that they could all be printed in the same size.  I also found out that it was difficult to put words on the photos for various reasons.  What was I going to do now?

(10) UPDATE 12/25/2016:  It’s Christmas Day 2016 and it appears as though we will get the book printed again in 2017.  I found out how to work with the pictures Eve provided to get the book printed again with the words on each page.  I was able to print some copies of the book seeing that it’s better than it was before.  I am happy with the present results at this time.  There may be a number of improvements in the future.  Good Lord willing, we will get a new Library of Congress number on the book and find out if we can use the ISBN number that we used before or if I am able to use the one that was purchased for it years ago. 

Can you believe that I left a lot of details out of this writing?

I wanted children to be able to see that hard work brings success.  It may take a lot of baby steps to get things the way you’d like to see them but if you work hard you can accomplish many things.  I have learned a lot about publishing books.  I have definitely not learned all there is to know about getting them made and printed.  ← I do know that several people may ask you to help them get their own books published or edited.  They some times do not realize about the work involved with writing and editing books. 

Eve told me she thinks it’s great to be able to hold a book in your hands.  I think she is right about that.  It is also nice to get books put in the digital format so they can be read online.  We used to have a digital form of the book on this website but that is changing, too.  I’ll try to have something written on this website or WWW.Godsgraciousgift.Com about the children’s book if it is to be placed in digital format online. 

I’ve also been able to accept the fact that everything isn’t finished when you want it finished.  It’s okay to slow down to complete certain tasks.  Some things may sit on the shelf for a good long time. 

It can be fine, good, and acceptable to wait for specific deeds to be processed.

~ Elizabeth Evans Wolfe  


Jason, Jeremiah, Abigail, Jeffrey, Kathryn, Andrew, Julianna, Charles, Edward, Torree, Anita, Jacob, Clarissa, Sarah, Beth, Robert, Mark, & Bailie ← Children and grandchildren, on this earth, at the time of this writing.  I love them all.  My hope and prayer remains the same concerning all of you.  May you draw closer to God and obey his voice when he calls you.  God has an appointed work for each of you to do.  Do all he has called you to do.  

The content of the book remains the same but the pictures have become new.

That makes me think about how a person’s life can become brand new if they allow the Lord to transform them.

 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are
passed away; behold, all things are become new.”