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Where Is The Fear Of The Lord?

May God send forth His Holy Spirit to convict those who treat the single women, the widows, and the orphans with disdain.  I have seen and heard of how some people call themselves Christians but they still try to take advantage of the widow, the orphan, and people who have less than they have.  During the past decade I’ve come to believe that God may be actually sending forth a series of tests among those who say they love God.  If they say they love God but they don’t do what God says they should do then they are not bearing good fruit.  Jesus said we are to treat people the way we’d like to be treated.  If your daughter or sister was a single person would you want people to take advantage of her?  If your mother was a widow would you like it if people did all they could to try to con her?  If your children were fatherless how would you like for them to be treated?  If the thought I had is right and there are people (who say they are Christians) who are being tested I think many of them are failing the test.

Do You Fear God?
Many May Be Failing This Test