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I met a woman that once thought she was saved by the good things she had done. She was oblivious to the things the Bible says are sinful things. She kept telling me how good she was and that she had always done good things. She INVITED me to sit with her to tell her more about the Lord. I am amazed at the way she gave me the invitation. A pastor’s wife I knew used to tell us that Jesus is a gentleman. Didn’t Jesus tell us to shake the dust off of our feet if we go somewhere where we are not welcome? It is a blessing when God allows you to receive an invitation to speak. The woman that invited me to talk with her seemed to have it ingrained in her that she was good and that was all she needed to be saved. Barbara was her name. I prayed asking God to help me get truth shared with her about salvation that can’t be earned but she also needed to know what most everyone should know & that is ALL HAVE SINNED so she could never be good enough. I felt as though God led me to share Scriptures with her that talked about the works of the flesh and the passages from the New Testament said that those who did those works would not be able to enter the kingdom of God. She read the passages with me and she was eager to know the truth. When we got done reading I asked her if she had done any of those works of the flesh. She said she had done some of those things. NOW she was ready to ask God to forgive her for her sins and she was ready to accept the free gift of salvation that comes from believing in Christ Jesus our Lord. Barbara asked forgiveness for her sins and accepted Christ about a week or two before she was found to be afflicted with a terminal illness. She asked me to tell all of her children and grandchildren about the Lord. If we wait for God to open the doors then wonderful things can happen. I do believe it is important for us to be ready in season and out of season. We also need to ask God to help us handle all things His way for His ways are higher than our ways. :-:-:-: Friends, If any one of you still needs to know the truth about God’s free gift of salvation please open your Bibles and talk to the Lord seeking truth. If you thought paying a tithe, going to church, or talking about God daily will save your soul then please be warned that those things won’t save you. If you think that all people who walk in the church or preach from the pulpit are definitely going to heaven because of the many good things they’ve done you’ve been misled. We have all sinned. No one will get to heaven because they’ve done some nice things while they were here on earth. There is only one way to heaven and that is by believing in the things about Jesus. Jesus died on the cross for our sins. God raised His Only begotten son from the dead. The shed blood of Jesus is the Only way to be able to receive the free gift of salvation. Repent of your sins asking God to forgive you and receive the free gift. God knows all who are serious about this relationship with Him. God knows if you are truly sorry for the bad things you’ve done that are wrong. Yes, all have sinned. Jesus is the Only One who walked on this earth without sinning.

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