For Fellow Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ

Continue Praying For Those Who Walk In Sin

It is frustrating to have to accept the fact that many are called but few
are chosen.

I can only guess that the reason that few are chosen is because so many
choose to turn their backs on God.

Anyone can say they care about the things of God but few will prove they
appreciate what he has done for them.

We are not saved by works but God’s Word does declare His disciples will
show His love. I also believe those who truly love the Lord will be
obedient to him and they will repent when they are not obedient.

It is sad to see how many refuse to follow the Lord by doing what they know is
right. Many seem to act as though they know God is love so they don’t
think it will matter if they keep on doing business as usual. Business as
usual may include doing things a person knows are wrong things to do.

May our Lord send His Holy Spirit forth to convict people every hour. IF
people are convicted of their sins they will see their need for the Savior.

if see their need for Jesus