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Old Story Good Message

I think I’d do things differently

When I lived in Brooksville, Florida I saw a sign at a library. It may have been a friend’s of the library group that had a special sale going on. There were boxes and boxes of books being sold.

I loved to see what books could be found.

There were old school books in one of the boxes. The front cover looked a bit familiar to me. I saw that this book had a label in the front of it that showed it was once from Ohio. Since I was from Ohio I decided I would get that book. The cost was small. The contents were valuable to me.

Near the back of the book there was a story I liked. I had heard a priest talk about this story before. Let me retell this story although I only recall the meaning behind the story now.

A young man was taking a walk. The man saw a very large watermelon growing on a tiny little vine. He looked at the vine and said something like, “If I were God I think I’d do things differently.”

He continued his walk. He approached an oak tree. He saw that there were tiny little acorns growing on the massive oak tree. He said, “If I were God I think I’d do things differently.”

The young man decided that it was time for a nap. He fell asleep below the oak tree. He was awakened when an acorn dropped on his head. He said, “Thank God that wasn’t a watermelon.”

When I heard the priest telling this story he spoke about that story when he was officiating a funeral for a young woman that had died. The young woman had three small children. The priest wanted to remind everyone that God knows best. We may not always understand the ways of God. There are times when we place our trust in our Omnipotent Father declaring we know all things are working together for our good for those who are called by God.