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Love God Love One Another

The testimonial book written by Elizabeth Evans Wolfe can be purchased using the WWW.Godsgraciousgift.com website.


Note about the 2015/2016 Love God Love One Another shirt design:  Abigail Elisabeth Wolfe was asked if she would like to help create a new design/logo.  She quickly responded by showing her Grandmother Wolfe a drawing that is similar to the digital picture you can view.  Her Grandmother helped her decide which words would look best draped over the top of the picture.  It’s a hit!  The message is perfect.  God’s Word is the best news ever!  Thanks, Abby.  Thanks for helping create this new logo.  So glad you were able to receive your shirts and thankful you made the wonderful drawing that helped us come up with a digital that turned out a lot like the picture you drew. 


A new year is upon us.  I really liked making the designs for shirts.  This is one of my favorite designs.  I wanted to share the logo again.

The Greatest Commandment made for Godsgraciousgift eew