Pray That God Will Cleanse You & Heal You If You Have Pain From The Past

Christian single women, If you have been hurt in a past relationship you may want to read this.

I was once told some of these things by a woman that was going through a time of healing. I was reminded of these things when I was praying about a portion of a recent dream.

I believe there are a lot of women out there who seek the Lord and they do want to turn away from the sins and pain of their past.

It has been said and I believe it is true
that it is very good to be cleansed and to become a changed person (new creature in Christ) before you attempt to be involved with another person in a close relationship.

If you do not take time to receive your healing it’s possible you’ll retain things of the past and it will be like going around in circles.

You may need delivered of unholy preconceived ideas and things you learned when you were younger.

If you want to be healthy and whole I will encourage you to talk to the Lord about this asking Him to help you receive a complete healing from the painful things that happened to you in your past.

If you are a married woman and you feel as though you need healed of painful things in the past you can ask God to heal you, too. Your marriage will probably be revived once you receive your healing.