& Thoughts Shared by Elizabeth Wolfe


We cannot live on this earth without seeing people who have flaws.

There are times when women who claim to know the Lord do more to harm their fellow Christian friends than they do to help them.

Here is a small list of things I’ve seen or heard from a reliable source  that so-called women of God may do:

  1. Lies or encouraging lies  

  2. Manipulation   

  3. Pride 

  4. Lacks interest in encouraging or helping other women

  5. Takes part in ignoring Scriptural teachings

  6. Seeks for her own selfish needs and wants to be taken care of including the desire she has to be held up above others

  7. Schmoozing 0r sharing charming words with people in order to gain the help she desires to do what she wants / she may also  give gifts to  people to bribe them 

  8. Wanting other people to be more like her instead of more like Jesus

  9. Leading a full life of deception by hiding things / This is not just telling lies / She is not concerned with exposing evil because she does not want the evil things about her exposed

  10. Greed

If you truly love God you and you believe you are guilty of any of these things it is time to seek God’s forgiveness.

If you have met women that are like this  God’s Word says that you should stay away from people like that.


The title speaks about women’s flaws in the ministry.   All women can be guilty of these things but women need to be aware of the fact that women who are involved in the ministry may have these sins running rampant in their lives.  They need prayer.  We also need to pray for discernment so we can walk away from people like that.