Things That Stand Out

Notes About Matthew 28

I read Matthew 28 this morning.

There are three things Jesus told the disciples they should do.

  1. Make disciples
  2. Baptize people in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
  3. Teach the people to obey the Lord

I was also delighted to review the passages that mention that the Angel of the Lord told two women that Jesus rose from the dead.  The Angel also told those women to go tell the disciples what they had learned and that they were to tell the disciples to meet the Lord in Galilee.

This made me happy because a friend recently told me this is where we find proof that women should be able to give messages that God tells them to give.  In other words it is fair to say that God speaks to women and he wants them to share what he tells them to say.  Some people still don’t recognize the fact that women and men can be used by the Lord.  

  [  My friend said that those passages are some of the Scriptures that  help us know that women were the first evangelists. ]

I also noticed that even though the Angel told the women that they should not be afraid the women were afraid but they were also filled with joy.  

The disciples did go meet the Lord Jesus in Galilee.  He stood before them speaking to them. 

Verse 17 tells us that when the disciples saw Jesus they worshiped the Lord but some of them doubted. 

Let us pray that God will deliver us from our doubts and fears. 

The only good fear is the reverential fear of the Lord.