For Fellow Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, What You Have Sown You will Most Certainly Reap

The Hateful Spirit Of King Saul

Every time I think of rebellion, stubbornness, witchcraft, and manipulation I think about how King Saul died.  I also think about why King Saul was taken from this earth because of his stubborn ways.

Most people would be happier if they took heed to the warnings that King Saul ignored. 

These are some words I will use to describe things I read about King Saul:

  1. Proud & Haughty   [he believed his ways were better than God’s ways]
  2. Demanding   [he chose to do things his way instead of doing things God’s way]
  3. Ignorant & Irreverent to God   [he showed no true reverence for God]
  4. Murderous   [he tried to kill the man he was most jealous of]
  5. Envious   [he wanted people to adore him and to think highly of him]
  6. Greedy   [he wanted the things he was not supposed to have]
  7. Unfaithful   [he did not follow instructions]
  8. Manipulating Liar   [when he was confronted for doing wrong he told lies]
  9. Stubborn   [he demanded his own way]
  10. Foolish   [even when he was warned he did not heed warnings sent his way]

King Saul was chosen by God yet King Saul turned away from doing good things.  King Saul let his own will become more important than the will of God.  The unholy desires Saul followed led him to destruction.

Some people today that say they follow God act too much or even a bit like King Saul.  They can walk proudly proclaiming that they are God’s chosen people and they start demanding their own way instead of doing things God’s way.  They can become proud and haughty.  They can also let jealousy and greed enter into their lives. 

We may not be able to change other people but we can repent of our own sins.  We can ask God to deliver us of doing anything that displeases him.  We can examine ourselves and ask God to wash us clean so we are freed from the evil desires within.

King Saul made wrong choices and he suffered and died because of his wrong choices.  

Don’t make the mistakes King Saul made. 

Turn from evil and do good.  Do things God’s way instead of your own way.