& Thoughts Shared by Elizabeth Wolfe, For Fellow Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ

It Is Better To Be Taken Advantage Of Than To Be The One Who Is Taking Advantage Of Another Person

One time many years ago a so-called Christian woman told me about her financial needs.

She knew that my husband, Jeff, and I had given one of her friends some money to help her with buying groceries.

I found out later (by things she ended up saying & doing) that she must have been jealous that the other woman was given help.

The other woman was given help because we found out she had ALS. Giving some money for groceries was the only thing except for praying I felt I could do for the woman that was afflicted with the disease.

The second woman apparently latched on to me acting out the part of a friend long enough to tell me her own sad story. She was healthy but she said she really needed some help financially. 

She did not start by asking for money. She asked for a loan that she did not intend to repay.  Jeff and I originally expected the woman would repay the loan.  The time came when Jeff & I made a decision to forgive the woman of the debt since she kept finding excuses for not repaying what she owed.

I still had contact with this woman since she worked at a store that I visited several times. She was a manager at the store.

She found out I was writing a book and she sort of scolded me for asking for money for the book.

She apparently did not know that there is a great deal of time and money spent to get books in print.

It took me quite a while to learn that there are a lot of people who always want handouts and many of them never want to repay their debts.

😥   It made me sad to realize that she could happily receive free things from other people while she also got paid for the work she did at her job.

She did not recognize the need for a writer to receive compensation for the work they have done.

The first month my testimonial book was in print I found a lot of people that said they wanted to read it and many of them stuck to me like glue trying to get a free copy.  Some people that knew me expected free handouts, too.  They got paid for the work they did but they didn’t understand the need to see that I got paid for the work I had done.  

What some of them may not know is that I write and talk about the Lord all the time.

I have willingly shared the gospel and testimonies about the Lord without charge for years. I will continue to share the gospel story with anyone that wants to hear it.

I guess I am reminded of that woman at this time because of how unfortunate it is when we find out there are people out there in the world that are willing to take without giving anything of value in return.

Thankfully we have a Lord that died on the cross for our sins. He freely gave us the most valuable gift that can be given. God will not charge you anything to receive the free gift of eternal life. All you have to do is repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have not seen that deceptive woman for years. She lives hundreds of miles away from me. I don’t miss her con games.

I am thankful for how God used that situation to help me pray I can be more careful with who I give money to and who I put trust in.

I have still made mistakes of giving things to people that were only trying to con me.

Now I just keep asking the Lord to help me endure it all and move forward.

God can and does restore what the locusts have eaten.

I also know that nothing we have on this earth can be taken with us when we leave this place.

The Scriptures remind me it is better to be taken advantage of than to be the one who is taking advantage of another person.

May God send deliverance to those who have not learned that yet.

May the Lord protect us from being too close to those who are greedy in their hearts because bad company corrupts good morals.