& Thoughts Shared by Elizabeth Wolfe, For Fellow Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ

Jealousy Is A Nasty Spirit

I could probably write many things to express how nasty jealousy is.

At this time I am quickly reminded of three things some other women said to me that let me know they had a problem.

I don’t know if they still feel the way they felt when they were talking with me but I do hope and pray they receive deliverance from that evil stuff. 

The first woman saw me when I was on a date about three years after my husband had died.  

She looked at me and said something that made it sound as though she was jealous that I was able to date other men.

I was shocked by her comment.  I would have preferred to have been able to  have Jeff Wolfe still alive and with us than to be in the position of dating again. 

The second woman visited me when I made a move to a larger home than the one I had been living in.    She looked at me and made a comment telling me that she was sincerely jealous of all the storage space I had.  OH!  She claimed to be a Christian and she worked with people in the ministry on a regular basis.  She wasn’t kidding when she said she was jealous of the home I got that had more storage space.  I found out slick things she did to get herself into a larger home of her own.  I do not envy her.  As a matter of fact once I realized the things she did to obtain her big beautiful home I made a decision that I prefer to stay away from her as much as possible.  

Jealousy is a nasty spirit. 

Avoid it at all costs.  Ask the Lord to deliver you each time you hear those evil thoughts go through your mind. 

Another woman that attended a church I had visited for a while found out that I spent most of my adult years staying home to care for my husband and children.  She snapped at me one day when she found out I had been taken care of by my husband and I got to stay home with our children.   Her voice sounded quite angry when she said, “Well! That must have been nice!”   I was so shocked by her anger that I did not feel it would be wise to tell her that staying home to care for my children and to be a homemaker was challenging but it was also nice.  It wasn’t always easy but it was nice. 

Jeff did want me to be a homemaker.  He had wanted our children to have the best care they could have.  It took me a while to learn to be a homemaker and to learn that even though the job is a serious job there are a multitude of people that think that homemaking and caring for children is a simple task and anyone can do it properly.  

Every person is not the best home maker.  The good Lord gave me strength to hold up under a lot of pressure that was placed on me at times.  Keeping a home clean and trying to make sure everyone’s needs are met is not as easy as some people think it is.  The rewards are great when people are thankful for what you have done.  It is usually understood that a homemaker rarely gets a paycheck of her own.  The woman that stays home to help her husband do some things he cannot do while he is on the job could write a resume.  That resume may not be widely accepted by mainstream USA.  The woman that makes a decision to give her best at home gives up the opportunity to start a career while she is younger and physically stronger, too.  

I had a husband that appreciated what I did.  OH…….. how he is missed when I think of things like that.   There were nights when we would prepare for rest when I would hear Jeff tell me how he was thankful I could be home with our children.

I also felt as though the hand of the Lord was helping me and guiding me.  I did have more time for Bible study than a lot of people have when they handle a full time job.  

You could not have paid me enough money in exchange for the peace I had knowing I did the best I could for my family.  

I told the Lord that maybe I just wasn’t one of those people that had enough strength to do what some supermoms do.  I tried to work at other jobs outside of the home while taking care of the children, my husband’s needs, and the house but it was a great task.  The task was so great that I was relieved when Jeff encouraged me to stay at home with the children.  Jeff lovingly called me his secretary.  He could trust me to take care of anything he asked me to do.  He knew I would do my best for the family. 

One of the first churches I attended when I got to Florida did our family a favor when they taught us that women should be trained to love their husband and their  children.  See Titus 2:4

Our marriage ties were strengthened because I had energy to share special times with my husband, too. 

I woke up every day seeking ways I could share the Word of God with my children.  

The Word of God tells us we should not covet anything our neighbor has.   I firmly believe we should be thankful for what we do have and it is wise to make sure you do not covet anything that belongs to another person.


~ Elizabeth Evans Wolfe