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Get Rid Of The Filthy Stuff

A few years ago (not sure of exact date at this moment) I had a dream about dog dung being left on a kitchen table in three piles.

I was blessed to see that even though the piles of excrement were on a table (what a disgusting thing, right?) I noticed that the clean up would not be too difficult because a strong tablecloth was under the piles of pooh. That was all there was to the dream.

I almost started to focus on the dream as if dogs were the problem and dogs should be avoided. Real dogs are not the problem at all.

I kept the dream in prayer and made a few notes about it because God’s Word shows us that interpretations of dreams come from God. He is our counselor.

I prayed over that dream and struggled with what it could mean for a time.

This morning I am not struggling with the meaning any longer.

I realized that the dung represented ugly things that had been dished out to me through the years by people that were not following God.

Nasty people who said and did awful things had dished out things that the enemy wanted to use to try to ruin my life.

During the past couple of years my eyes have been opened where I could vividly see how some people that were supposed to be loving people had done ugly spirited things to me over & over again and I had taken it for years but that stopped during the past couple of years.

I refused to be around them as much as possible.

I prayed about what I was realizing and I asked God to help them (as we are supposed to pray for people like that) and I asked God to forgive them and to heal me because they dished out a lot of ugly things.

I was harmed by it all emotionally but God has been healing me.

I am to spiritually pick that table cloth up and throw out the dung.

Every ugly thing they dished out can be discarded.

I don’t have to believe their lies or let the ugly things they did or said to me affect me any longer because God is my healer.

God enables me to be strong like a lion.

I am able to move past all of that ugly stuff they put on the table.

I am not bound to them or to their way of thinking any longer.

WHEW! Praise God.

I awoke a few hours ago and began to get fluid in me and I got prepared for this new day.  

I was led to reread Isaiah 54 again. When I read Isaiah 54 I was reminded that God heals and helps those who have been abandoned.

I was abandoned in many ways by people that were supposed to care for me.

God says he will not permanently abandon me.  He did allow certain things to happen and everything has been working together for my good.   I love the way Isaiah 54 explains it.  He says “For a brief moment I abandoned you,  but with deep compassion I will bring you back.”  That is how the NIV shares those words with us.  I believe God does not totally or permanently abandon those he calls his own.  I do believe he may allow circumstances in our lives to be used to work together for our good.  That is also declared in the Bible in Romans 8 verse 28.  When God tells us that he will passionately bring us back he is declaring that he will hold us close. 

Touching the hem of the garment of Jesus brings healing.  Imagine how much healing comes forth when God holds you close.  

I did not know if I was to share this on this website until  I privately sent this message to several Christian people today.

In approximately 12 hours I have received words of confirmation from people who let me know this message ministered to them.  I was surprised because I asked God to give me about 2 or 3 people that let me know the message ministered to them.  God has a way of doing things in a grander fashion than we can imagine.  In 12 hours of time I received confirmation from 12 people.   

Isaiah 54 uses the symbolism of God helping his people.

The symbolism of a childless woman and a widow is shared in that chapter.

It amazes me the different ways God has used that one Chapter to minister to me personally for nearly 30 years.

He amazes me.

He tells us that no weapon formed against us shall prosper and we will refute every tongue that accuses us because this is the heritage of the servants of the Lord.

He also tells us that he is the one that created the armies that destroy or he created the destroyer to work havoc.

God does control all things.

He has not fallen off of his throne.

God does not make mistakes.

During the course of the day I have talked with several people about this subject.  Some of the additional Scriptural thoughts that came forth were reminders that God wants us to be fed good food.  His Word is the bread of life.  He sends forth his holy word so that we can be healed.  

If someone tried to feed us dog dung we would reject that.  This is all symbolic for how we should treat ugly words that are sent our way.  We are to rebuke the devourer in the name of Jesus.  Rebuke the lies sent forth by demonic forces.  Let’s get rid of the lies, the words of ridicule, and the ugly things that the enemy tried to use to destroy us.  

Let us cling to the word of God.  Hold fast in the faith trusting in God to heal all that the enemy tried to destroy.  


~ Thoughts shared by Elizabeth Wolfe