& Thoughts Shared by Elizabeth Wolfe, For Fellow Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ

We Should Worship & Adore God More Than We Worship The Worship Group

I was reminded that there are many churches that spend plenty of time being concerned with entertaining the crowds more than they are concerned about sharing the Word of the Lord.

We ended up leaving a church because the pastor was consistently concerned about sharing his own ideas rather than the Scriptures.  He took great pride in the things he said he had been taught.  He said he was a good leader, a wonderful musical instructor, and he took more pride in being able to create madrigals and plays.  It was so sad to sit in church and miss out on the actual reading of Scripture.  That so-called pastor could talk a lot about things other than the things of God.  He said ugly things about people that once attended his church.  He also sounded as though he liked it that he was paid to get rid of people that he felt were unpleasant to have at the church.  He put down people that did not fully agree with whatever he wanted to take place at the church.  The church sank so low that it was closed for a time.  

Our family had to leave that church because the gathering together for the reading of Scripture was not consistent.  The group was weakened by that man’s behavior.  

Some churches are filled with people that care more about entertaining the crowds than they are about sharing the Word.  

I began to tell people that if their pastor or their pastor’s wife shares lies they are going to the wrong church. 

If the leaders at the church are not taking a stand for righteousness what will happen to the flock?