For Fellow Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ

Provide For Your Family

There are many ways to provide for your own family members. 

Husbands should be prepared to provide for their wives and if children are included in the family the children will need to be provided for, too.

I’m not  only  speaking about providing the family members with the material needs they have.  I am presently writing about the need for each spouse to be there for one another and to be there for their children, too.

A young lady was talking to me about her relationship with her earthly dad. People know that she is related to him but she hardly knew her dad because he wasn’t there for her much when she was young.

I know of several people that had parents or older siblings that weren’t there for them.  All people were not brought up in homes where they felt protected or loved.  Some people felt protected some of the time but they weren’t protected all of the time. 

Some parents take off and leave their children neglecting their responsibility to care for their children fully.

Who leaves their children like orphans while they go on vacation over a hundred miles away from those children?  Even if the children are say 10 – 14 years old the parents are supposed to watch over their own.  Actually the present laws of this land still say that parents are supposed to provide for their children at least until those children are 18 years old.    The Bible says a person is worse than an infidel if they don’t provide for their own family members. 

Some people may walk in the church doors every week but they neglect to show the love of Christ in their own home.

When children are left to fend for themselves during difficult youthful times those children can be seriously harmed.   Unfortunately some of the children that were neglected may think it’s normal for parents to leave their children unattended for days at a time.  

Children that have been abandoned may also find that there are some people in this world who will treat them much better than their own parents treated them.  Thankfully there are times when children that were once abandoned make a decision to become the type of people that do the best they can to be there for their own children.  It’s as if they want to stop the cycle of abandonment.  

The young lady that was talking to me today said it was her dad’s fault that he didn’t have a good relationship with her. She’s right about that. I told her it’s good to understand things from another person’s perspective some times.    I am one person that needed to ponder on her words today.

Unfortunately one parent may blame the other parent when it is discovered that the parents neglected their own children. 

If both parents neglected their children then both parents should  hold themselves responsible for their past behavior. I wrote the last sentence thinking of the multitude of parents that may finally realize they did something wrong.  It is best to ask the Lord to forgive you for anything that you realize you did that is wrong & some times you may be given the opportunity to ask the people you have offended to forgive you, too.