& Thoughts Shared by Elizabeth Wolfe, For Fellow Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ

Entering Into His Courts With Praise

My friend,  Genevieve Ambler,  called me and we talked for a while.

She recently told me two things that I just love thinking about. I’m hoping more of God’s people will enjoy thinking about these statements she shared.

She said she talked to the Lord about entering into his courts with thanksgiving and praise.

She knew what it means for us to be thankful but she wanted a better understanding of what we are to do when we give God praise.

This definition for the word praise came to her mind: “Praise is given in appreciation for a job well done.”

The other thing she shared with me was mentioned during a moment of prayer.

During prayer she said something about how we were entering into the courtroom. Then she said, “The courtroom is where the decisions are made.”


Ponder on that for a time. I pray it blesses you. It sure did bless me.


Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.  Those words from the Psalmist are very fitting to think about when we recall that God always does his work well.  We will always have reasons for giving praise and thanks to the Lord.  ~ Elizabeth Wolfe