Dreams God Pours Out His Holy Spirit On Mankind

D & V Notes

During the past few weeks I’ve received two different dreams that caused me to recall these things:

  • God will take vengeance when it is needed.
  • I don’t have to confront people that are doing things that are wrong.
  • It’s best to let the good Lord take care of those type of things unless the good Lord confirms to me that there is a time to refute a tongue that accuses or it’s time to defend the defenseless.
  • Forgive those who have done things that are wrong to you.
  • Don’t dredge up things from the past in order to confront evil people that did things that are wrong.
  • Some times it may seem right to run to help someone else but move with caution because some people don’t really want your help unless they can exploit you.
  • Warnings can come to you from God.
  • All people that say they are Christian are not necessarily Christ like.
  • There are wolves that will wear the clothing of sheep.