There is something that has been shared in some churches for a very long time.

There are some people that proclaim something that appears to be a lie about the KJV.

Did anyone stop to think about how confusing the KJV has been for people that have been residing in America for decades?  No wonder the devil wants to get people in a trap believing things about the KJV that are not true.

The KJV is not the first or the original translation of the Bible.

The first Scriptures were written in Greek, Hebrew, and Chaldee.

This means that Scripture or Passages originated from the languages that were first written in  Hebrew, Chaldee or Greek.

The King James Bible most certainly may be the easiest Bible to study if you use a good  concordance to find out the original meanings of some words or how people came up with translating the KJV the way they did.

There are other good translations of the Bible that make it much easier for the reader to understand what is being shared in the Scriptures.  The modern day English reader will not always readily understand all the chapters that are found in the King James Version of the Bible.

I firmly believe the Lord hates lies and he does not want people to be ignorant about the truth.

It is a lie to try to make anyone think that the King James Version of the Bible is the only Bible that can be trusted.

It’s sad when a sect of believers tries to control all the people in their group to follow them instead of following the ways of the Lord.

I have witnessed how confused some people are when they hear some of the words shared from the KJV.

I’m thankful there are other translations of the Bible like the NKJV, the NASV, the NIV, and a few other Bibles that can be used to help people readily understand what the original content was when the Scriptures were written.

The Word of God is infallible.   The Word of God is inspired by God. 

The Words spoken by God were spoken by the Holy Spirit and God’s Word is always alive  & true.



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My Testimony About Deliverance From Smoking Cigarettes

I smoked cigarettes when I was younger.

I called on God asking him how he felt about that matter since (as we all should know) there is no scripture that says, “Thou shall not smoke cigarettes.”

There is no passage that tells us that if God wanted us to smoke he would have put chimneys on our heads.   

I also want to make it clear that there is no Scripture that says you will get a nail in your coffin for every cigarette you smoke.  Yes, A woman told me that when I was young.  She said she was sure it was in the Bible. Sadly,  I’m not sure she could read a Bible.  Maybe she heard an oddball preacher say something like that.  It is sad that someone possibly made her think that what she said was true.  

I was addicted to cigarettes until January 1, 1980.

I had that talk with the Lord about cigarettes and then I opened my Bible finding a portion of Scripture that reminded me that nothing should be more important to us than God.

I talked to the Lord again when the Holy Spirit was helping me realize that at that time in my life I had begun to make cigarette smoking more important to me than God.

I woke every morning and had a cigarette. Throughout the entire day I rewarded myself with special times to have cigarettes.  If I was not smoking a cigarette I was usually thinking about when I would get to have another one.  I tended to stay up each night to have several cigarettes before I went to sleep.  I felt as though the Lord was convicting me of the way I had made cigarettes more important to me than spending time with the Lord.  

I also realized that I was helpless toward trying to stop smoking those cigarettes.  I had stopped smoking at an earlier time in my life. That cease fire did not last very long.  The first time I felt stressed I used it as a perfect time to light up another cigarette.  Once I started smoking again I felt as though I did not know how I would ever stop. 

I told the Lord exactly how I felt about this matter.  I told him how I really wanted to stop smoking cigarettes but I felt I could not control it.  It seemed even harder for me to stop smoking when I was married to a man that smoked as much as I did.  I had prayed to the Lord asking God to have Jeff to stop smoking when I stopped smoking.   

Jeff and I had a talk before New Year’s Eve 1979.  I told Jeff the things I talked to the Lord about.  I also asked Jeff if he would stop smoking with me as a New Year’s resolution.   Jeff agreed that he would stop smoking on New Year’s Day 1980. 

We both stopped smoking on New Year’s Day 1980.  Jeff held up his end of the agreement for three days.  God does amazing things in three days time, doesn’t he? 

I was delivered of smoking cigarettes.  I never wanted to smoke a cigarette again. 

There would be times when I would marvel and lightly  laugh because even though I had once had a habit of lighting Jeff’s cigarettes for him that memory became a cause for joy. 

You see, In my mind’s eye I would see the memory of me picking up a cigarette to light Jeff’s cigarette for him and then I would stop before following through with doing something like that and I would smile.  It brought me great joy to know that somehow God miraculously took away my desire to have cigarettes.  

I’ve thought a lot about addictions lately.

People can have all sorts of addictions.  

God is able to deliver us from anything that he does not want us to have if we will surrender the problem into his hands.  A pastor’s wife once told a group of women that God is a gentleman.  She was teaching us that God won’t force people to do what is right.  Each person has a choice whether or not they will follow the leading of the Holy Spirit of God.   Romans 8:14 (KJV) says, 
 “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” I was beginning to learn how to follow the Spirit of God instead of following after the things my flesh wanted. 

I was sincere when I told the Lord I wanted to stop smoking but I knew I had failed at stopping in the past.  

God can do what no one else can do.  

If you have an addiction that you need deliverance from surrender that situation to the Lord.  

Have a   talk with Jesus.  Tell him all about your desire to follow him.  He will lead you on the straight and narrow path.  

I love to let people know that I found out  that it was a sin for me to smoke cigarettes. 

A friend wrote a comment about how he believes it would be wrong to call a smoker a non-Christian.  His comment stood out to me.   That comment also encouraged me to post this testimony today.  

I had asked Jesus to be with me before I started smoking cigarettes.  I prayed to God often asking Him for help.  He heard my cry for help even though I had not yet fully committed my life to God.  The Lord hears our calls to him and when we are sincere he knows all about it.  The Lord must have wanted me to protect this temple of the Holy Spirit that he lives in.  About two years before I had that talk with God about cigarettes I found that I was not comfortable smoking a cigarette while I held a Bible in my hands.  Some people may say that was all in my mind but I felt sure that it was something more powerful than my mind causing me to feel such a strong conviction to put away my cigarettes before I read the Bible.  Maybe the good Lord was trying to teach me back then that he did not want me to make anything more important than him in my life.  

The Lord also helped me see that some things we use on this earth can become stumbling blocks or tools used by satan to keep us from getting closer to God.  

I am sure many of the new blessings that came forth in my life in 1980 had something to do with my desire to make God more important than cigarettes and because of a talk I had with the Lord about forgiving some people that had harmed me.  Those are two things I experienced before I recommitted my life to the Lord.  God’s Holy Spirit fell on me in a strong way in January of 1980.  I became a new person in several  ways.  I lost many of my old desires.  I was not delivered of everything overnight.  I believe I was forgiven of my past sins though.  If we confess our sins God will be faithful to forgive us and cleanse us.  See 1 John 1:9.

God does meet you right where you are.  He is ready to pick you up and clean you up when you understand you need his help.

Our Heavenly Father cares for us in ways that our earthly fathers are not able to help us.  God does what no man can do.

Be encouraged and talk to the Lord daily.  Draw near to God and he will draw near to you.  Resist the devil and he will flee.   ~ This testimony is shared by Elizabeth Wolfe 

James 4:7 (KJV), 

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”