Encourage, Study Scripture Challenges

Encourage One Another

Lift each other up!

Get up close and personal with people if you want to encourage them.

If you want to give someone comfort or console them you will find a way to make it personal.

Today it is common for a lot of people to keep the distance socially because of COVID.

Before Covid was a problem there were other things that were causing people to become like hermits.

I know of a person that stopped contacting some people that loved her dearly because she got upset with them when she was not able to coerce the other people to do exactly what she wanted them to do when she wanted them to do it. SAD FACE HERE

A few weeks ago I was checking on her to see how she was doing. I found out that she had died from cancer.

The woman I speak of was a kind Christian woman. I met her several times and felt as though she was a strong believer in Christ. I still have memories of her sweet ways.

My favorite memories of her are stored in my heart. I still remembered that a few people may have missed out on spending more time with her simply because she had that one gnawing attitude of deliberately getting angry when she did not get her own way.

When I think about things like that after someone died I love to recall that God knows each heart and every detail. God is in tune with everyone everywhere. I’m thankful He is the judge of all.

You see, Some people keep their distance from other people intentionally. They don’t need Covid or some other virus to cause them to keep away from other people.

There are several ways to encourage other people even if you cannot be close to them physically.

Phone calls, emails, letters, cards, ecards, and messages sent through friends can help console people.

I used to live 1,000 + miles away from most of the friends I met in school and from my family members. Every time someone sent a card or letter it would brighten my day.

We did not always have access to email and electronically transmitted messages. We would purchase a phone calling plan that allowed us to have unlimited calls to people that did not live in our area. It was great!

Most of the people I know today rely on text messaging. Many of the people I know do not check emails much any more, they don’t like using the phone for actual phone calls, and they rarely send a card out. I have been following their trend just to keep in touch from time to time.

Thankfully bloggers can still sit down at their computer and type up a few messages. They can also read other people’s website information. I’ve been doing more reading than I have been writing during the past few months. I have needed to take time to absorb more of God’s Word.

The things I am most grateful for is the fact that God wrote us a large love letter when he inspired men to write the Holy Bible.

The Scriptures are sent to us to encourage us and to help us grow up spiritually.

I’ll encourage you to do what is right. Read God’s Word. Share God’s Words. ENCOURAGE ONE ANOTHER. Do what is right.

Draw close to God and he will draw close to you.

Written by Elizabeth Wolfe

“Get personal, encourage, urge, appeal, & exhort”