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The Lord Is Our Helper

“If it wasn’t for the Lord helping us stand when we can barely walk

we’d all be a royal mess when going through the death of a loved one.” ~  EEW



“If it wasn’t for the Lord helping us stand when we can barely walk we’d all be a royal mess when going through the death of a loved one.” ~ Elizabeth Evans Wolfe 8/8/2018


copyright  by Elizabeth Evans Wolfe

"God's Gracious Gift" by Elizabeth Evans Wolfe, For Fellow Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, Prayers, Prayers Testimonies & Thoughts

Personal Prayer For Family

Lord, We praise you and give you honor & glory.
[We always pray to our Heavenly Father asking all things in the name of Jesus Christ, His Son]
Please forgive us of our sins (sins known and unknown to us) & heal us of our sicknesses & diseases. Help us forgive those who sin against us.
Help each of us draw closer to you & convict us of all sin in our lives.
Deliver us from all evil and the schemes of the devil & demons.
Protect us from the fiery darts of the enemy. Delilver us from wicked, cruel, and unreasonable people because we know that all people do not have faith. All people do not walk with you.
Help us unite with true believers who do walk with you in the light of your Word.
Order our steps aright. Steer us onto the right path that leads to life.
Meet our needs according to Your riches in glory in Christ Jesus.
Help us serve you daily.


Prayer of my heart this morning by Elizabeth Evans Wolfe


Lord, Please let my children and grandchildren hear your call and obey you at all times.  AMEN




"God's Gracious Gift" by Elizabeth Evans Wolfe, "Jonah Go to Nineveh", Go To Nineveh" by Elizabeth Evans Wolfe


A friend encouraged me to use amazon to share the children’s book about the Biblical  account of Jonah and the city of Nineveh.  

I have not yet discovered why the amazon account sometimes seems to have improper info concerning the children’s book.  The testimonial  book written by Elizabeth Evans Wolfe can still be found at GodsGraciousGift.Com .  The testimonial was taken off of amazon because someone was trying to sell the book even though they are not a distributor of the book. This present post is to inform people that it appears as though there are problems with the way things have been posted on amazon concerning the books I have written.  If a need arises we will try to contact Amazon again about the present problems.  

The testimonial book can still be purchased on the Godsgraciousgift.com website.  I have often told people two things about the testimonial book I’ve written.  (1)  It was difficult for me to let that book be printed and published when I realized that I exposed bad things about myself that I was ashamed of taking part in when I was young.  The good news is shared though because I am thankful the good Lord forgave me for the sinful things I have done.  God promises that he will forgive us and cleanse us if we confess our sins and ask Him to cleanse us. (2) When I was taking part in editing the testimonial book before it was put into print I found that the pages of my own book ministered to me.  The very things God used to minister to me when I began to write the book ministered to me when I was helping get the book edited.  The year of 2010 was a difficult year for me.  I had gone through another serious trial in my life.  God is to be praised for the way he intervened to remind me of special things written in His Word that helps us cope during times of great struggle.  My hope and prayer is that more people will read or hear the testimonies and they will be strengthened by the things found in God’s Word that helped me.  

God also blessed me by sending several new people into my life that wanted to read the book.  They read it and they let me know the book did inspire them.  A number of friends I had known when I was young purchased a copy of the book, too.  I feel honored and blessed to find that anyone can be encouraged by the things God showed me.  I mean that knowing that even one person can sincerely say they feel a closer walk with God because of the testimonies shared makes life seem brighter.   I’m still learning how God uses all things to work together for good.  God is still ready to hear us when we call.  God is always good.  

I also listened to a video where Tim Tebow shared things about the message he shared with other people when he put John 3:16 on his face.  He said something about how he prayed God would use his loaves and fish that he had to offer.  What a blessing it is for us to hear how a fellow Christian asked God to use him in some way and God answered the prayer. 

As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ we need to continue to pray for ways to put God first in our lives and to pray we can be used by God in wonderful ways, too.  I’m praying that same type of prayer today as I ask God what type of loaves and fish I can share today.  What can I do for Jesus?  

“Jonah, Go To Nineveh”  by Elizabeth Evans Wolfe 


Click on the weblink to purchase the children’s ebook    https://www.amazon.com/Jonah-Go-Nineveh-Elizabeth-Wolfe-ebook/dp/B01NAXOF1S/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1516384494&sr=1-4&keywords=jonah+go+to+nineveh


This message is left here by Elizabeth Evans Wolfe

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Love God Love One Another

The testimonial book written by Elizabeth Evans Wolfe can be purchased using the WWW.Godsgraciousgift.com website.


Note about the 2015/2016 Love God Love One Another shirt design:  Abigail Elisabeth Wolfe was asked if she would like to help create a new design/logo.  She quickly responded by showing her Grandmother Wolfe a drawing that is similar to the digital picture you can view.  Her Grandmother helped her decide which words would look best draped over the top of the picture.  It’s a hit!  The message is perfect.  God’s Word is the best news ever!  Thanks, Abby.  Thanks for helping create this new logo.  So glad you were able to receive your shirts and thankful you made the wonderful drawing that helped us come up with a digital that turned out a lot like the picture you drew. 


A new year is upon us.  I really liked making the designs for shirts.  This is one of my favorite designs.  I wanted to share the logo again.

The Greatest Commandment made for Godsgraciousgift eew

"God's Gracious Gift" by Elizabeth Evans Wolfe, For Fellow Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ

Cast Your Bread Upon The Waters

Ecclesiastes 11:1&2 (NIV),

“Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again.  GIVE portions to seven, yes to eight, for you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.” 

Verse three part a says, “If clouds are full of water,
they pour rain on the earth.”  Isn’t it wonderful the way the good Lord helped man understand that the rain will come forth when the clouds are full?  That passage was written before people were making weather reports.    

Verse seven says that “Light is sweet, it pleases the eyes to see the sun.”  God’s Word reminds us how good it is to see the light of the day.  Jesus is the light of the word. I know it is pleasant to keep your eyes on the Son of God. 

Eccl 11 verses 1 and 2

"God's Gracious Gift" by Elizabeth Evans Wolfe, For Fellow Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, heaven

God’s Word Tells Us That Life Is A Gift From God

God’s Word teaches us that God’s gracious gift is life.

Eternal life comes from having faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.


John 14:6 (KJV),

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”


Because I know without a doubt that God gives life here and in the hereafter I declare:

“God’s gracious gift is life itself.”  ~ Elizabeth Evans Wolfe

"God's Gracious Gift Is Life Itself." ~ Elizabeth Evans Wolfe
“God’s Gracious Gift Is Life Itself.” ~ Elizabeth Evans Wolfe