Gods Gracious Gift

Paperback Book – This book includes Scriptures from the King James Version of the Bible added in the back – $22.50 This price includes shipping and handling when shipped to a U.S. address. –

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About the book

Here is a small piece of the written words in the book called, “God’s Gracious Gift.” : “All of a sudden I felt fear like a warning signal saying, “There is something to be afraid of.” A young man on a bike rode up near me and the car. This man was strange acting and I didn’t like the fear that came with him at all. I was already talking to God in my mind. I was asking God to get that man away from me. I knew Christians were supposed to love everyone. I was willing to show the man Godly love, only I wasn’t sure that man was looking for anything from God. . . ”

What others say about the book

Cheryl D. Mckee

I so enjoyed reading your book “God’s Gracious Gift”. It was so wonderful to read about your journey, your incredible faith, love for the Bible, truth in God’s word, and glory given to God. Your book truly provoked me and has me searching my heart. I especially was checked on judging others. I will be reading my Bible even more because of your encouragement. Thank you for sharing your heart with me! I am blessed by you. Cheryl D. Mckee

Daryl Garber

“Elizabeth, I’ve just finished reading your book. It was outstanding. Thank you for sharing your life and what you have learned along the way in your walk with the Lord. I’m praying that all who read the book will be helped and blessed by what they have read. “

Krista Long

Hi Liz~ Just wanted to let you know I received your beautiful inspirational book yesterday. It was a pleasant deliverance when I returned home from work at 2:00 a.m. I began reading and was enthralled in it’s content and I turned to the many trials and tribulations you were confronted with and endured. I plan to start from beginning to end this weekend when the peace of home lends to my needs as work consumes my energy during the week. I commend you for writing your experiences so that so many, many others can relate, benefit and come to know the Lord, Jesus Christ through your humbleness and decision to put your life’s experience on paper. I am wondering if I may post a photo I took of two wonderful gifts I and my family received in the mail yesterday. I would like to promote you and recommend your book to my fellow FB friends. If it violates copyright laws or something, I understand. Just wanted to let others know what I am reading. Thank you so much and continue to use your gift of writings and poetry for the glory of the Lord and your happiness will be filled to the full to over flowing. As I began reading, it didn’t take long and I found myself praying for you and your family for the experiences you shared and I thanked God for being there for you all the time. You brought forth an extremely strong message of faith and a way for others to affirm and renew their own faith. I became aware of it right off this morning. It was given added impact with the first words of Rev. John Hagee’s sermon this morning on TBN. He and his wife were on an American Airlines flight and the engines were disabled. Complete silence came over the passengers and everyone started reciting the Lord’s Prayer. Rev. Hagee said his own prayer of: “God, you are here and you are in control and I believe in what ever you do in this situation”; and the ordeal ended with a safe landing and safe passengers. Rev. Hagee said, “God was with us all the time”. So you see, the message of strong faith was meant for me. Your book and Rev. Hagee’s message confirmed that for me today and I thank you to the depths of my soul today.

Audra Tanner

This is one book you will have a hard time putting down. Elizabeth Evans Wolfe wrote a detailed account of her close walk with God through the different seasons of her life, some etched with pain and sorrow. This book will provide the reader with a deeper understanding of who God is. Elizabeth’s journey through the valley and back up again is an amazing testimony of one woman’s steadfast obedience and God’s amazing grace and goodness. Reading about God’s work in Elizabeth’s life touched something deep in my soul that words have a hard time expressing. It’s my prayer that God will use this book in your life, as he has done in mine, to ignite more passion and excitement for our Lord as we embark on our own journey through the seasons of our lives.

About the Author

Elizabeth Evans Wolfe began writing poems in High School. The first poems she wrote were lost due to the fact that she didn’t comprehend the value of the words God gave her. This book is an inspirational testimony where Elizabeth writes about events that took place in her own life. The way God reached down to her as if saving her from a pit she had dug for herself is something she had to write about. She called on God during her school years. She didn’t always realize God was actually listening to her during those days. By time she reached the age of 22 she began to find that he was there for her all the time. You will find out some of the events that took place that led up to her eyes being opened to the truth that God was always waiting for her to draw closer to him. You will want to draw closer to God, too, once you read about all he has done for her. Elizabeth began to put God first in her life. It has been a slow steady progress that has brought joy into her life. Every time she gets closer to God joy fills her soul. Whether she is going through happy times or the inevitable sad times she has learned to express herself with words. The words may be spoken or written. She even wrote songs in past years to help express things about the Lord. Jesus Christ is the Lord of her life.

God used Jeff to get her to write more
Jeffrey William Wolfe walked through the front door of their home on Whistlewood Circle. He was holding a brand new package that contained a word processor. In the early 80s a purchase like that was quite an expense. Together they made a decision that it was best for Liz to stay home with the children while Jeff worked long hours as a supervisor at an underground construction company. That is the type of work he did for most of their time together. Little did anyone know how God would someday use her writings to minister to friends and family. Writing also helped her have a form of therapy during some of the most painful things in her life. Jeff worked hard to provide for his wife and family. Elizabeth may write another book to spell out what kind of man he was and then share what kind of man he became before he left this earth. Jeff died in 2002. He didn’t leave here without a testimony for Liz to share.