Special Things Jeffrey William Wolfe told family and friends before he died

Special Things Jeffrey William Wolfe told family and friends before he died.

Prayer requests were sent once it was discovered that Jeffrey Wolfe had  brain tumors. A pastor that kept in touch with the Wolfe family called Jeff’s wife on the phone asking her to give a message to Jeff.

Elizabeth got off the phone and sat down on the couch beside Jeff.

She said, “Jeff, Ron told me to tell you that he was diagnosed with a high level of cancer. Ron reported that he looked at the Dr. and told the Doc how the Lord was capable of healing him but even if God didn’t heal him Ron believed he would get to be with the Lord.” She went on to tell Jeff that Ron said he was in a win-win situation. Ron said that he had told the Doc that if God healed him he would continue sharing the gospel story.

Jeff was preparing for brain surgery when the call from Pastor Ron came in. Jeff listened carefully to the words of faith Ron wanted passed along.

Elizabeth was surprised when Jeff  joyfully got up and danced a little jig in front of her.

 A measure of joy came upon Jeff as he slapped his knees and looked intently into her face stating that he, too, believed God was able to heal him.

Jeff said, “God can heal me, too. I would like that! If He does I’ll be able to stay here with you and the children.  If he doesn’t I get to go be with Jesus!  I CAN’T LOSE.  I’m in a win-win situation.

Jeff wrote a couple of letters and made a few phone calls to let friends and family know how he felt about his dilemma after hearing from the Pastor.

One of Jeff’s friend came to the Wolfe home to visit with him. Jeff’s friend heard Jeff talking about how he was going to win no matter what. His friend did not want to hear Jeff accept the possibility that he was going to be leaving this earth.

Jeff looked at his friend telling him how it is best to accept this because we really do not know what the future will bring our way.


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 This book was written and copyrighted years before Jeff was afflicted with the brain tumor.  The true stories written in this book may help readers see how God helped prepare Elizabeth and her family to accept things they cannot change.   Jeff encouraged Elizabeth to do what she believed was right.  He also let her know he wanted her to write the book she felt God wanted her to write. 

______________ Additional Note about Pastor Ron:

When Ron called to tell Elizabeth he would be keeping the Wolfe family in prayer Ron was a living breathing example of a man that was continuing to share the gospel story after surviving a level four cancer.


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