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Personal Prayer For Family

Lord, We praise you and give you honor & glory.
[We always pray to our Heavenly Father asking all things in the name of Jesus Christ, His Son]
Please forgive us of our sins (sins known and unknown to us) & heal us of our sicknesses & diseases. Help us forgive those who sin against us.
Help each of us draw closer to you & convict us of all sin in our lives.
Deliver us from all evil and the schemes of the devil & demons.
Protect us from the fiery darts of the enemy. Delilver us from wicked, cruel, and unreasonable people because we know that all people do not have faith. All people do not walk with you.
Help us unite with true believers who do walk with you in the light of your Word.
Order our steps aright. Steer us onto the right path that leads to life.
Meet our needs according to Your riches in glory in Christ Jesus.
Help us serve you daily.


Prayer of my heart this morning by Elizabeth Evans Wolfe


Lord, Please let my children and grandchildren hear your call and obey you at all times.  AMEN