For Fellow Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ

Some Times You Are Supposed To Move Away

God led Abraham to a new place.  [See Genesis Chapter 12]

Lot was told to move away.   [See Genesis Chapter 19]

There are also times when Jesus moved away.   [See Matthew 8 (Jesus was asked to leave the area and he left) &  See Luke  Chapter 4]

Matthew 10 v 14, Mark 6 v 11, & Luke 9 v 5 also mention that people should shake the dust off of their feet and walk away  when people don’t welcome those who are sharing the Word of God. 

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Brothers and Sisters in Christ,   Some times God tells you to be the one to move away.   There may be other times when God will tell you to stand firm and stay right where you are because he plans to use you right where you are.   It is important that you learn to know which way God wants you to walk.

It is always helpful to pray and to ask God fearing believers to pray with you as you seek God’s face for the answers you need.

It also helps to stay close to God by reading and hearing His Word.

God is a God of peace.  God  cares about your physical life and well being.

Jesus walked away from danger when it was not yet time for Him to suffer on the cross.  Remember that when you are facing danger.